3 Reasons to Use Milestone Leveling

Look, I’m not going to lie to you all. When other GMs and players used to talk about how much better milestone leveling was I rolled my eyes. I’ll stick with good old experience points, thank you very much! However, in the middle of my last campaign I started to get tired of tracking XP for every encounter. So I gave milestone leveling a try. And guess what? It turns out that I was wrong all along! Here are three reasons to use milestone leveling. Continue reading

Actual Play RPG Podcasts: 3 Reasons To Listen

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Actual play or live play RPG podcasts are everywhere these days. Originally I had no interest in subscribing to any of these podcasts. Why would I want to listen to other people play RPGs? The idea didn’t appeal to me at all. But, one day I bit the proverbial bullet and actually sat down and listened to one of them. I could not believe how much I enjoyed it! Now I am officially hooked on these podcasts and I’m here to tell you why you should be too. Continue reading

A New D&D Movie? 3 Reasons I’m Concerned

Yesterday I told you the three reasons I was excited about the new D&D movie. Unfortunately, I have reached a point in my life where I have to temper any enthusiasm with a bit of harsh reality. I have let my excitement get the best of me in the past and I’ve been burned in the process (I’m looking at you, The Phantom Menace!) With that in mind I’m going to look at some concerns I have about the new D&D movie. Continue reading

A D&D Movie Is Coming! 3 Reasons I’m Excited


Last week the internet was buzzing with the news that the lawsuit over the film rights to Dungeons & Dragons had been settled and that Hasbro and Warner Bros. would be moving forward on a new film. That came as welcome news for those of us who have spent fifteen years trying to forget the celluloid nightmare that was 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons. Here are three reasons why even Marlon Wayans couldn’t stop me from being excited about the new D&D movie. Continue reading