Aibos: War of the Pirates Campaign

Aibos is the closest planet to the sun in Mainspace.  Spelljammers from Dastrion eagerly set out to explore the planet and its moons. However, Aibos was found to be a harsh and unforgiving world incapable of sustaining life. Despite this Aibos and its two moons have still played important roles in the history of Mainspace.


Aibos is a Class D Earth Body. The planet is tidally locked with Mainspace’s sun giving it a permanent night and day side. The early explorers found no evidence of any water or life on this world, but didn’t look very hard. Aibos’ day side sees temperatures  well above even the most scorching days found in the desert regions of Dastrion, The night side of the world is frozen by the darkness of Wildspace. The explorers quickly wrote off Aibos as incapable of sustaining a colony and turned their attention to its moons Cauphus and Uetar.


The surface of Uetar was not as barren or lifeless as Aibos, but its climate was just as harsh. Even so, early explorers discovered that some plants and animals were present on the moon. More astonishingly, they discovered evidence that intelligent creatures had once lived on Uetar. Cave drawings, crude tools and other evidence of primitive civilizations littered the networks of caves that crisscrossed this world. Within these caves the colonists also discovered huge deposits of minerals and ores. Uetar soon saw a population boon as thousands of dwarves emigrated from Dastrion to settle and establish mines. The occasional gnome mine also sprung up on Uetar, but Autognomes mostly worked these mines.

The mines of Uetar brought great wealth to the dwarven colonists, but they also attracted pirates. To stem the tide of piracy between Uetar and Dastrion the Elven kingdoms established a naval garrison on the outer moon. The elves undertook a massive construction project, the Sunmouth Fortress. The fortress rivaled any structure on Dastrion when completed.  After the Sundering and the abandoning of mining operations on Uetar, the Elven navy abandoned Sunmouth Fortress as an outpost. The Elven kingdom converted the structure into a prison for pirates. The prison had no guards since living in the prison was infinitely safer than life outside it. Eventually, this mission was made obsolete by the truce between the Pirate Lords and the Elven kingdoms and no more prisoners or supplies were shipped there.

In recent years, a group of foolhardy Spelljammer colonists decided that settling Uetar was safe again. They attempted to colonize Sunmouth Fortress, but were never heard from again.


The twin moons, Cauphus and Uetar, originally orbited Aibos locked on  opposite sides. The moons never shone in the sky at the same time. While the moons were twins in size that was the only trait they shared. The surface of Cauphus constantly erupted with volcanoes and powerful, almost supernatural storm ripped across the jagged surface of the moon. The first Spelljammers to visit this satellite reported back the chaotic nature of Cauphus to the elven kingdoms of Dastrion. It was there that the Reapers of the Black Sun learned of the moon.

Led by Detos Hex, Archbishop of the Void, a fanatical group of Reavers  settled on Cauphus to prove their devotion to Chaos. Less than half of the original group of pilgrims survived the first month on the moon. Those who did survive settled into an existence marked by a desperate struggle against death. The harshness and isolation of living on Cauphus did increase their clerical devotion, but it also led to their madness.

The Sundering

The mad group of Reavers of the Black Sun on Cauphus hatched an impossible and misguided plan to turn Mainspace’s sun into a black hole. Detos Hex orchestrated the kidnapping of the crew of a gnome survey ship orbitting Cauphus. Hex force the gnome “scientists” to build a bomb that was capable of collapsing the sun.

Unfortunately, this sun bomb suffered from the same flaws as all gnomish engineering. Before the Reapers were able to collect their weapon and deliver it to the heart of the sun, it exploded deep under the surface of Caephus. The explosion triggered a chain reaction of volcanic activity on the moon. The moon’s surface erupted with devastating blasts surely killing all of the Reapers and all of the gnomes.

The miners on Uetar woke to a strange site that day.   Cauphus, now misshapen and scarred with great crags and canyons, was visible in the sky above their moon. Cauphus’ light had a strange and terrible effect on anyone who had ventured into the caves or mines of the moon. They transformed into half-human, half-wolf hybrids that attacked without provocation.

These werewolves swept through the mines and colonies of Uetar. The victims of their attacks quickly transformed into beasts themselves. Eventually, the naval garrison at Sunmouth Fortress was all that remained. The Elven kingdoms gave the order to evacuate the fortress and the navy abandoned the moon.

Seemingly, these beasts continued to plague the surface of the moon during the time Sunmouth fortress served as a prison. Their presence outside the prison walls worked better than any guard ever could. However, the creatures’ status after the prison closure was never made public record. The continued presence of werewolves explains the disappearance of the colonists.  Sailors tell tales, though. Tales of Spelljammer ships crewed entirely by werewolves setting upon innocent ships and spreading their curse throughout the stars.


Image is Rigel Kentaurus Canyon by Marilynn Flynn



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