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Everyone knows that I enjoy supporting new RPG projects on Kickstarter. Some might even say that I enjoy it a little too much, but I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. An ongoing Kickstarter campaign that I’m very excited about is Aliens & Asteroids a new science fiction horror roleplaying game from Moebius Adventures.

You may know Moebius Adventures as the company behind Mazes & Perils Deluxe Edition.  Looking towards the future of the popular OSR game, Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick wanted to introduce a science fiction option. As this project went forward it deviated more and more from the original game. Eventually, it became clear that what they were actually creating was an entirely new game. That game is Aliens & Asteroids.

Aliens & Asteroids

So what is Aliens & Asteroids? At its core it is a horror game set in space. If decades of movies have taught me anything it’s that space is filled with terrible things. Players in Aliens & Asteroids may be exposed to the claustrophobic terror of being stalked by a carnivorous alien, or the overwhelming stress of a never-ending wave of alien invaders. They won’t be playing wide-eyed space colonists, though. Instead, they’ll be filling the boots of a member of the Dominion Space Forces, battle-ready marines that are tasked with defeating an alien menace called the Dread.

Mechanically, Aliens & Asteroids uses the new Inverse20 system. On a check players roll a d20. If the roll is equal to or below the Target Number they succeed. If it’s above they fail. Rolls of 20 are Critical Misses and rolls of 1 are Critical Hits. Criticals also add or take away from pools of points known as the Glory Pool and the Dread Pool. The difficulty of an adventure, or Dread Rating, determines the starting point values for each pool. Points from the Glory Pool can be spent by players during the game to swing events in their favor. However, the GM can spend points from the Dread Pool to put more pressure on the party, e.g. letting an alien take a second turn.

When I talked to Fitz about the game he really sold me on how this mechanic can contribute to the tension and excitement the GM will build in the game. I’m still a big fan of games where die rolls have meaning and Aliens & Asteroids fits that bill.

The Kickstarter

Let’s talk about the Kickstarter then! Fitz and his team at Moebius Adventures have set a funding goal of $3,000. They have already passed the halfway mark for this goal with just under two weeks left in the campaign. Rewards are very straight forward. $10 will get you a PDF copy of the Aliens & Asteroids and any digital stretch goals that are unlocked. $25 gets you a physical copy of the Aliens & Asteroids Corebook, a PDF copy, and all digital stretch goals. Stretch goals will unlock at every $1,000 past the funding goal and will add adventure modules to your reward.

Now every Kickstarter has risks. However, there are a few reasons why I will wholeheartedly recommend this project. First and foremost, the Moebius Adventures team has a good reputation of delivering quality games. Second, they have partnered with Alan Bahr and Outland Entertainment to help manage this project. Alan brings a ton of Kickstarter experience to the table. Finally, the draft rules of this game are finished and have been play tested. Backers will receive their own draft copy shortly after the campaign closes.

Clearly you’ve already clicked through and backed the Kickstarter. But, just in case you’re still on the fence GET OFF THAT FENCE!! You’re getting in on the ground floor of a great game made by great people. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of bringing the exciting new sci-fi horror roleplaying game Aliens & Asteroids to life!


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