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Craft & Dragons: Travel Battle Set

Welcome to Craft & Dragons!
A semi-regular post on The Worst blog that focuses on D&D inspired crafts.

As I thought out this project’s details, I realized we never explored that most magical of mediums – GLITTER! Now don’t flee in terror like a level one mage trying to outrun a marauding orc; glitter is your friend, and when you follow my simple tips and tricks, is a snap to work with it.

But, what kind of craft can we douse in the sparkling shower of unicorn tears that is glitter? Continue reading Craft & Dragons: Travel Battle Set

Craft & Dragons: Dice Bag

Welcome to Craft & Dragons, a semi-regular segment here on The Worst blog, where we explore the adventure of making cool stuff!!

When coming up with this season’s D&D craft idea, I wanted to design a project that would challenge people to try something new (well, new to some people) – sewing! I wanted to make it simple enough so that it could serve as an introduction to sewing construction, but at the same time be perfectly practical for any gamer.

For me, there was only one answer – the ubiquitous dice bag! Continue reading Craft & Dragons: Dice Bag

Craft & Dragons: Adventure Journal

Greetings, noble traveler! My name is Gil, The Glittery, and I’ll be gracing your game-table every now and then with Craft & Dragons, a semi-regular post of glorious craft projects that will make your next D&D campaign the talk of the realm!
I’ve been crafting for well over a quarter century now (damn that makes me sound old) and am capable of covering many subjects, so I’ll try to make the projects as diverse as possible. Continue reading Craft & Dragons: Adventure Journal