Autognome: Spelljammer Bestiary

One of the most fascinating (and dangerous) creatures that you may encounter on your journeys through space is the Autognome. This monster originally appeared in Monstrous Compendium 9, the second collection of Spelljammer monsters for 2nd Edition AD&D. Here is the 5e conversion that I will be using for my Spelljammer campaign.

The Autognome

The gnomes of Wildspace harnessed powerful magical energies to create semi-sentient robots known as Autognomes. They performs those tasks that are deemed too dangerous for flesh and blood gnomes. Two different versions exist, the explorer and the soldier. These constructs populate all gnomish ships and settlements often outnumbering real gnomes.  However, these constructs suffer from the same flaws as all gnome creations; they very seldom work as intended. Because of their unreliability, no other race besides gnomes dare to utilize the Autognome.




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  1. Good stuff! I’m planning to use your conversion for a spelljammer campaign of my own, some time in the future! I hope to see rules for Spelljammer weapons soon! Keep up the good work 😀

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