How to Save Money on RPGs

Many people new to RPGs are shocked at how expensive the hobby can be. With D&D books running around $50 a piece, many are wary to shell out that kind of cash. I would argue that investing in a roleplaying game is a much better choice than buying a video game. At least with RPG’s, the play is endless. Not everyone agrees with me however. Here are some ways to still be able to enjoy RPG’s without breaking the bank.

1. Share The Cost

$150 might seem like a lot of money, but how does $30 or $40 sound? If you are part of a gaming group and are thinking about upgrading to a new system, ask yourself this question; why does everyone need to buy all the books? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the group to pool their money and buy one copy of the rulebooks for the entire group to share? You really only need one Player’s Handbook, one Dungeon Master’s Guide and maybe a Monster Manual to run a campaign. If there are sections of the PH that players will need to reference constantly, make photocopies of them.

This is a really good option if you are trying to get new players to join your group. The lack of a huge upfront cost will make it more appealing for them. All they would have to spring for are some dice and a pencil.

 2. Buy Older Editions

One of the best things about RPG’s is that older editions of systems don’t stop working when they get replaced. You can still run all the editions of D&D without any issue except a lack of pre-made adventure modules. In fact, many people have never moved on from the older systems since they prefer them.

The books needed to run these older editions can be found on eBay, Amazon or any other place where you can buy used books. Yard sales are also a potential source for cheap books. Sometimes a gamer moves out of their parents house and forgets to take their RPG materials with them. Their loss can be your gain.

3. Think Small

Maybe you don’t want to line the pockets of Wizards of the Coast at all. There are plenty of small press RPG’s available for a lot less money than D&D. We all remember the poorly printed and hand bound small press games of the last century. These games have evolved into beautifully presented PDF format games. Sites like Bundle of Holding offer deals on these games every week. You can usually pick up complete systems and adventures for under $25.

Sites like DriveThruRPG also have a great selection of downloadable games. These include titles from WotC at cheaper prices also. Check the internet because there’s lots of sites out there.


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