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When Kobold Press released the great Tome of Beasts in 2016,I would have bet money that they had exhausted their collective imaginations of all new monsters. I would have lost that bet since they just released Creature Codex, the sequel to the original tome.  Creature Codex introduces almost 400 new creatures for your 5e Dungeons & Dragons game, but does this new volume live up to what we have come to expect from the creative minds at Kobold Press? Read on to find out!

The Good

Heavy Cavalry Dragonborn

You should probably run

As a Dungeons & Dragons product and as a piece of art  in general Creature Codex is nothing but good. The book comes in at 420 pages and, with the exception of the table of contents and appendices, monsters fill these pages. There are new types of dragons, new types of demons, and new types of elementals. There are even creative new variations on classic monsters like the kobold and the gnoll.  Each monster entry contains elaborate details about the creatures along with the stats. And, they are accompanied by gorgeous, full color illustrations of the monster. Like Tome of Beasts, Creature Codex also adds a lot of monsters unique to the Midgard setting including new NPCs such as Doomspeakers and Clerics of the Brew. Additionally, there are sidebars for many of the monsters that provide further information about their place in the Midgard setting, such as regions where they would be found.

You may be thinking that this is a book that would only be useful for  Dungeon Masters, but you would be wrong . The Creature Codex is the inclusion of monsters that can provide value to the players as well. Do you play a Warlock? Creature Codex includes new Demon Lords and Fey Lords that would make excellent patrons. Who wouldn’t their patron to be Chemosh, a four-armed, thirty-foot tall demon with a shark’s head? I’m sure your Druid is bored of turning into a wolf.  There are new beasts in the Creature Codex! Why not turn into something new like an Albino Death Weasel? It comes with a Musk Spray attack! There are even plenty of new elementals, celestials, and fey for you to conjure up using spells. How cool would it be to conjure a Blood Elemental, which is literally made of blood?

The Bad

Ghost Dwarf

Imagine how much grumpier they are when they’re dead

Honestly, I don’t have anything bad to say about the Creature Codex. Kobold Press really nailed it again with this product. The one nitpick I had with Tome of Beasts was that there were no tables for Creatures by Type or Creatures by Terrain? Well, they’re in there this time. So, there’s nothing bad here.

The Verdict

Cats of Ulthar

Awww, kitties!

Creature Codex is an amazing product, and I highly recommend buying a copy for your table. This book has something for every game of D&D being run right now.  Whether you’re venturing into the worlds of Midgard, homebrewing your own world, or just want to add something new into the Forgotten Realms, you will find a monster in this book to use. It’s a great resource for DMs and players alike that will certainly add hundreds of hours of fun to your tabletop.

How To Buy

Creature Codex is available now in hardcover and PDF at the Kobold Press store.  The PDF version can also be purchased at DriveThruRPG.

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