CritSuccess World’s Toughest Chainmail Dice Bag


Recently I embraced my Kickstarter addiction and backed a project that was very intriguing. I am an avid collector of RPG dice and always need more bags to keep them in. When I heard about CritSuccess’ World’s Toughest Chain Mail Dice Bag I was instantly on board. The project was successfully funded on February 11th and less than two weeks later I received my backer reward: one Black Steel Dice Bag.

Overall this is a very impressive dice bag. The quality is far superior to other chainmail dice bags that I own. The steel rings are well shaped and welded closed so there are no visible gaps in the links and nothing to snag on clothing. The smaller size of the rings makes the bag more malleable than other bags also. Best of all it has a stainless drawstring that keeps the bag closed so none of my precious dice fall out.


Those details are nice, but there are more important things to consider when selecting a dice bag. Much like when I am selecting dice I have to take into consideration how jealous the other players will be when they see my new bag. The World’s Toughest Chainmail Dice Bag hits it out of the park in this regard. Just look at how sexy it looks sensually draped underneath those Dwarven Foundry dice! I usually keep those in the boxes they came in, but I may finally have a home for them.


The next thing to consider is how functional the bag will be as a beer coozy. As you can see a bottle of beer will fit in the dice bag. It cinches up very nicely around the bottle, but it doesn’t do the best job of blocking heat transfer between your hand and the beer. Three stars as a beer coozy.

As nice as the dice bag is, it isn’t perfect. In my opinion the black steel bag could be improved by carrying the black color through to the drawstring as well. That’s a minor quibble, but a major issue for potential buyers is the price of the bag. The early bird price for the Kickstarter was $40.00 for a bag (The later price was $55.00). If the eventual retail price of these bags stays around this price it amounts as four times the price of a chainmail bag from a seller like ThinkGeek. Gamers will have to really weigh how much a higher quality is worth to them.

CritSuccess doesn’t currently sell these bags on their website so if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter you’re out of luck for now. When the bags do become available for sale I would recommend them to RPG fans who are willing to spend more for an excellent dice bag.

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  1. I jumped on these for the early bird price, and I couldn’t be happier with the value. Compared to the chainmail bag I got at a convention for ~$30, it’s well worth the higher price. Higher quality all around, greater capacity, and it’s just plain cool.

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