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Correcting Spelljammer Ship Stats


We are now two sessions past our disastrous first session of the Spelljammer campaign and the game has markedly improved. However, there are still some rules issues that need to be corrected before the conversion really works. One of these issues is how durable I originally made a Spelljammer ship. Continue reading Correcting Spelljammer Ship Stats

Tome of Beasts From Kobold Press Review

Tome of Beasts

Look, we could go on all day about using Dungeons & Dragons as a means to collaborative storytelling and how combat detracts from the “roleplaying experience.” Or, we could just admit that we play D&D so that we can murder fantastical monsters and loot their rapidly cooling bodies for treasure. Unfortunately, sometimes killing the same old giant spiders and baboons available in the Monster Manual gets a little stale. Players and DMs need a little spice in their encounters.  Sure there are plenty of clever and original homebrew monsters on the internet (including some of mine), but occasionally I want a professional company to write up the stats for several hundred monsters, print them on paper along with illustrations, bind that paper together and mail it to my home in exchange for money. That’s why I bought Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press. Continue reading Tome of Beasts From Kobold Press Review

War of the Pirates: The History


The War of the Pirates campaign is set in a unique Crystal Sphere known as Mainspace. This single star system is made up of four planets, their moons and an asteroid belt called the God Smashed Cluster. All of the traditional fantasy races exist among the worlds of Mainspace along with other races such as the Minotaur, the Giff and the Githyanki. Here years of war between pirates and elves and war between pirates have finally reached an uneasy balance. Continue reading War of the Pirates: The History

War of the Pirates Campaign: Character Introductions

I thought it might be interesting to detail the events of our ongoing Spelljammer campaign here on the blog. So this is that then! Today I will be sharing the character backstories as written by the players, Brandon, Nicole, Cora, Dale, and Jack, along with some of my thoughts on each character. Enjoy! Continue reading War of the Pirates Campaign: Character Introductions

Alternative Spelljamming Rules

A few weeks ago we ran our first session for the new 5e Spelljammer campaign. This was the first field test of my converted rules and it honestly didn’t go that well. One of the biggest concerns was what many  of  you warned me about; the price for Spelljamming was just too high. The players immediately balked at the idea of losing all of their spells. I can admit when I’m wrong so I am offering an alternative rule for Spelljamming. Continue reading Alternative Spelljamming Rules

Solar Dragons: Spelljammer 5e Conversion

SOLAR DRAGON                                                              

Living among the celestial bodies of known space are huge space-faring dragons. The largest of these creatures is the solar dragon. Solar dragons vary in coloration by age with wyrmlings being a fiery red, young dragons being orange, adult dragons being a brilliant yellow and ancient dragons glowing with a bluish white color. Solar dragons are evil and territorial attacking any vessel that they deem a threat to their territory. Continue reading Solar Dragons: Spelljammer 5e Conversion

Magic: Spelljammer 5e Conversion


Converting the Spelljammer rules for magic over to 5e is probably the simplest thing I’ve had to do. Magic in the Second Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules is essentially the same as it is in the 5e rules. The Spelljammer campaign setting didn’t really add any new rules for magic use so much as it added restrictions to the existing rules. So my conversion of the rules solely hinged on which restrictions to keep and which to jettison.  Continue reading Magic: Spelljammer 5e Conversion

Air, Gravity & Fire: Spelljammer 5e Conversion


There are overlooked game mechanics for a normal D&D adventure that become more important when you transport that adventure into space. As DMs and players we take for granted that certain physics of a fantasy world operate much the same as they do in our world. Characters need to breathe. If they fall from a high place they will take damage. And, fire burns. You may think that these same physics in a Spelljammer campaign would mirror what would happen in our outer space. You would be wrong. Continue reading Air, Gravity & Fire: Spelljammer 5e Conversion

Ship Armament: Spelljammer 5e Conversion


One of my favorite things about the original Spelljammer campaign setting was the inclusion of ship-to-ship combat. This combat is conducted using armament such as ballistae or catapults mounted on weapons decks. Hopefully you’ve already picked out the type of ship that your Spelljamming party is going to sail the stars on (I know my players have). Now you’re going to need to decide which weapons to equip that ship with. This post will convert the armaments from the Spelljammer boxed set for inclusion in a 5e campaign. Continue reading Ship Armament: Spelljammer 5e Conversion