Gen Con 50 Recap

Yesterday, I returned home from my week-long trip to Gen Con 50. I slept for 13 hours IN A BED and awoke rested enough to do a recap.

The Organized Games

I completely spaced the game registration for Gen Con this year. However, I was still able to get in some amazing gaming. On Thursday I participated in my first organized game of Gen Con 50. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to snag the last spot in a  game of Edge of the Empire sponsored on by ConTessa at Lucas Oil Stadium. Our GM Amudha ran the group of four renegades through a rollicking game of desperate escapes and Imperial entanglements.

Friday morning I participated in a game of Shadow of the Demon Lord.  This particular game was run by author Erik Scott de Bie. Erik used the Shadow of the Demon Lord system, but set the game in his own apocalyptic, epic-fantasy setting, The World of Ruin. I enjoyed the game and the setting so much that I bought the first book in the series.

Later on that day, I played in the game that I was most eager to try at Gen Con, Bedlam Hall. Furthermore, Dave Kizzia, creator of the game, was the GM for the session. Dave ran an amazing game, moving around the table, and switching seamlessly from one muddled British accent to the next. I’m now even more excited about running Bedlam Hall for my group in the future.

Our Group Games

We started out the weekend on the right foot Wednesday night by gathering up in Ohio and playing a game. That game was the second edition of Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. The system introduces American monster folklore as an element into the Colonial period and Revolutionary War. It’s a clever enough game, although issues with the second edition led to a new edition that was available at Gen Con.

Saturday I had no scheduled games so a few of us took the opportunity to try out a few other games that we had picked up in the Dealer hall. The first was Age of War, a dice game from Fantasy Flight Games. This was one of the most frustrating, but fun dice games that I have ever played. The game should take 15-30 minutes to play, but our inability to roll dice stretched ours out to over an hour. We then tried out Lost in R’lyeh a card game from Atlas Games. This game was enjoyable. However, I think I would need to play it a few more times to figure out the best strategy for play.

Saturday night we were back to RPGs with Warbirds from Outrider Studios. Warbirds is a “a diesel-punk air combat adventure game that focuses on fighter pilots as they chase after fame and fortune.” I really liked this game, but I am overly biased toward anything to do with airplanes.

Sunday night after driving from Indianapolis to Ohio we said goodbye to some members of the group. Those that remained were fortunate enough to be able to participate in two games of Shadow of the Demon Lord ran by ME! I had been talking up this game so much that one of my friends picked up the core book at Gen Con. I then proceeded to make him regret this decision by killing every character during the starting adventure. Whoops! All wasn’t lost though. We had enough time to level up the dead characters and run through a Novice adventure as well.

Everything Else

Besides running and playing in games the rest of Gen Con was amazing as well. I finally got to meet up and enjoy a nice conversation (and perogie) with Rohit from I also spent a few minutes chatting with Dave Kizzia after Bedlam Hall. I’m a big fan of Dave and all the other monkeys at Monkeyfun Studios so it was nice to meet him.

Finally, I stopped by the Dealer Hall and chatted with Alan Bahr for a while on Saturday. Alan has always been generous with his time and his games so I definitely enjoyed putting a face to him. It was also interesting to get a little insight into the myriad of projects that he has on the horizon. Spoiler: there’s a lot!

Overall, Gen Con 50 was a blast. It more than lived up to the hype. I’m leaving out all of the cosplay, the museum, the games and dice that I bought. There’s just not enough room to fully describe everything. Thanks to everyone that I gamed with this weekend especially those who took the time to run games.

See you all next year!

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