Let’s Talk About Gen Con


As many of you may have seen on Twitter, this past weekend I attended Gen Con 2016. Although I have been playing RPGs for a quarter of a century this was my first time experiencing “the best four days in gaming.” So how did it go? The short answer is FANTASTIC! The long answer is after the jump.

Gen Con was the most fun I have had in a very long time. I enjoyed it so much that i want to go again next year. No. That’s not quite right. I enjoyed it so much that I want to dedicate my life to cracking time travel just so I can go back and attend the last twenty years of Gen Con (also to kill Hitler, but that should go without saying).

I didn’t play as many games as I would have liked to, but the sessions I did participate in were a blast. I finally got to play Numenera! Gen Con also let me expand my horizons a bit by trying some games that I never would have tried on my own such as The Dark Eye and Ryuutama.  There were also opportunities for me to meet a whole bunch of folks from the gaming community whose work I really admire.

The main driver for my attending Gen Con this year was the chance to reunite with my old gaming group from high school.  We were inseparable back in the day, but life has kept us from getting together in over fifteen years. It was fantastic to see them all and run some games together. We quickly fell back in to our old dynamic and had a ball.

Hanging out with these guys also presented a bit of a dilemma for me at Gen Con. My friends are all Gen Con veterans who bring with them a wealth of knowledge about the con and the city. However, they also brought with them a very rigid routine for how they interact with the whole four days. I am all for routine, but as a starry-eyed newbie I wanted to run a little freer. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get housing in the downtown area so everyone was forced to stick to the same schedule.

Even with that slight annoyance I am absolutely glad that I made the trip to Gen Con. The experience recharged my RPG batteries reminding me why I am so passionate about this hobby.  So let’s start counting down the days to Gen Con 2017!

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