Entropy Grenade: Spelljammer Magic Item

The Reapers of the Black Sun are a cult that has foregone the worship of traditional gods. Instead they draw their divine power from worshiping the chaotic nature of the universe. Chief among their objects of worship are black holes. The Reapers of the Black Sun have been able to magically harness a small amount of the power of a black hole creating the Entropy Grenade. Although rare among non-cult members, these grenades are heavily utilized by the Reapers.



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Desert Magic Items Part 2: Andahleeb’s Artifacts

secret-seal-of-solomon-ring-41043Long before they became commonplace in Western mythology, the legends of the Middle East featured powerful magic artifacts. Two items that I find interesting are the Seal of Solomon and the mace Sharur. The Seal of Solomon was a legendary ring rumored to hold the power to command demons. Sharur was used by the Sumerian god Ninurta used to defeat the demon Asag. Both artifacts have ties to demons which can be adapted into an appropriate backstory for the  desert campaign.

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Magical Artifact: The Iron Rods of Gzemnid

Characters with a little bit of experience under their belts have usually collected one or more magical items. They stroll into the dungeons that you have carefully built and defeat them using the bonuses and abilities these items provide to. All that hard work gone to waste because of a silly +1 mace or Girdle of Giant Strength. But, what if those items failed to benefit the PC’s right when they needed them most. Enter the Iron Rods of Gzemnid.
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