More Ships!: Spelljammer 5e Conversion

In the last post I gave details for ten different types of Spelljammer ships. This post will cover the descriptions for the final nine. More detail on all nineteen of these ships can be found in the Spelljammer boxed set as well as deck plans for the ships.



The Mindspider is built and operated by the Neogi, a race of evil beings that terrorize all of known space. These vessels are powered by Lifejammers, Spelljammer Helms that drain a victim’s life force and convert it into motive force. The Lifejammer helm  drains 1d8 hit points per day from creatures trapped within. It allows the ship to operate at an SR of 1/3 the level or HD of the creature being drained. At the end of each day the imprisoned operator must pass a death save or perish.

Mindspider ships are used by the Neogi to attack other space-faring vessels without provocation or mercy.



Although the Galleon is the best attempt at transforming an ocean going vessel into a Spelljammer ship it still pales in comparison to ships that were purpose built for space. No self respecting space adventurer sails the stars on a Galleon for very long.

 Squid Ship

Squid Ship

One of the largest ships built by humans, the Squid Ship is prized for military applications. However, these vessels have also been adapted by crews for use in piracy and adventuring.



The Dragonship is another attempt by humans to convert a sea vessel into a Spelljammer ship. These ships are mainly used by ground based human empires to expand their territory in the local planetary systems.



Like the Squid Ship the Hammership was built by space-faring humans to serve in naval armadas. The Hammership is slightly more durable and more heavily armed than its sister ship. Like all the ships of known space Hammerships are often retrofitted for use by pirates.



The Man-o-War is the most prominent ship in the navies of the space-faring elf nations. It is heavily armed and can withstand large amounts of damage before breaking apart.



The Deathspider is another ship utilized by the evil Neogi. They are larger than a Mindspider and are operated by a Major Helm not a Lifejammer. The crew of these ships is mostly made up of umber hulk slaves, but the helm operator is a Neogi mage. These ships have military uses, but are also used to carry cargo or umber hulk slaves.



The Armada is one of the largest ships in known space. These massive vessels are used by elves, and only elves, as mobile military bases. They are so large that in addition to a huge arsenal of weapons they also carry 40 Flitters on board.



The Citadel is actually an asteroid carved and converted by dwarves into a Spelljammer ship. The Citadel acts as a home for space-faring dwarves who mine nearby moons or planets. A Citadel is powered by a Forge not a Spelljammer Helm. The Forge is a room that takes up a good portion of the Citadel. Here the dwarves forge metal and craft items. The energy created by their work powers the ship. For every 100 dwarves working in the Forge, the ship gains an SR of 1.

In the next post I will be covering ship board weaponry and the conversion of those armaments over to 5e.

Ship art by Jim Holloway

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