Norse Foundry Precision Aluminum Dice Review

dice1A few weeks ago I was checking out the Norse Foundry store and saw that they were selling a set of dice CNC crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.  I love unique dice and I love things crafted from aluminum so these definitely peaked my interest. I picked up a set and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The Presentation

dice case





The first thing that makes this dice set unique for me is the included case. This dice vault is machined out of the same aluminum as the dice and anodized in a matching color.  The open space on the lid practically begs you to name this set Doom Bringer and engrave it on there. Breaking this out during your RPG sessions is sure to leave the other gamers curious as to what is housed inside. It may even lead to some jealousy from other players. Luckily, the case has a nice weight to it lending itself nicely to use as an improvised weapon to fend off anyone foolish enough to attempt to steal your dice.

case open 1

The case lid is held on to the base with magnets. They keep the lid tightly closed when you want it closed, but aren’t so strong as to make it difficult to open. The base is machined out so that each die has its own slot. Unfortunately, I found that this feature actually made it difficult to take out only one die at a time, but that is my only real complaint about the set.

The Dice

case open

The Precision Aluminum CNC Dice set includes a D20, D12, two D10’s, D8, D6 and D4. Each die is machine cut out of aluminum and then anodized. The numbers are left clear making them easy to read against the background color. Unlike other metal die I have used, the weight of these die is more in line with plastic sets. The aluminum gives these dice a roll that I prefer more than these other sets.


I did notice that I am starting to get some wear in the anodizing around the edges. This might seem like a knock against the dice, but it’s understandable for that to happen to an object made of anodized aluminum if you actually use it. I enjoy the character that it gives the dice.

It may seem strange to feature a picture of the D4, the most useless of all dice, but there is a very specific reason for that. Everyone knows that D4’s are basically caltrops. This D4 is no exception. The points on it are incredibly pointy so DO NOT leave it on the floor unless you need to Home Alone some intruders.

The Details

Norse Foundry has this dice set currently available in six colors: Devils Red, Mithiral (sic) Silver, Night Black, Noble Blue, Orange and Pink. A seventh color, Druid Green, is currently on backorder. You will want to check their website for availability before you order. A set of dice retails for $140 which may put these dice out of the price range for many gamers.

The Verdict

The Norse Foundry Precision Aluminum Dice Set are a welcome addition to my dice collection. What really brings it home for me is the dice vault. It allows these dice to be shown off the way they should be. However, these dice are more than just pretty to look at. They have a great weight making them completely functional for rolling. The price may be to high for some gamers, but I highly recommend them for any hardcore dice collectors out there.


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  1. I’m sorry to be pedantic, really I am, but this is the second time this week I’ve seen this mistake by a blogger, so I want to point out that it’s “piqued” your interest, not ‘peaked.’ Sorry, I’ll be quiet now, just had to get that off my chest.