Cold Shadows Kickstarter

I am a big believer in backing tabletop gaming projects on Kickstarter. I’m willing to accept the small amount of risk involved in crowdfunding projects. However, I feel much better when I can throw my support behind a project from creators with a proven record of success. That’s why I was happy to back Cold Shadows, a new game project from Alan Bahr. I have discussed Alan’s minimalist science fiction game, Tiny Frontiers and its expansion Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters here before. Cold Shadows will be his first game since he joined Nocturnal Media. I had an opportunity to correspond with Alan over the last week and pick his brain on the new game and what’s on the horizon for him and Nocturnal Media. Continue reading Cold Shadows Kickstarter

Awarding Noncombat Experience

“Dragons! Shall we slay them for XP rewards?” “Nay, establishing trade routes is all the reward we seek.”

A few months back I wrote a post about why you should switch over from awarding experience points to milestone leveling.  One of the comments on that post was “I love math so I want to still use XP leveling, but I’m also building a campaign with little to no combat in it. How can I award non-combat XP?” The Dungeon Master’s Guide does cover this subject briefly under Creating Encounters (pg. 80) and Noncombat Challenges (pg. 261), but I am more than happy to provide my take on the subject. Continue reading Awarding Noncombat Experience

Shadow of the Demon Lord: RPG Backlog

The Demon Lord wears many masks. It is the One Foretold,
the Destroyer of Worlds, the Hunger, the Shuddering One,
the One Who Whispers, the Shadow in the Void, the Dark
Between the Stars, and the Unspeakable One. Its will alone
snuffs out the stars and its shadow ends realities.

In this edition of RPG Backlog I will be looking at Shadow of the Demon Lord, the first game designed by Robert J. Schwalb for his company Schwalb Entertainment. You may recognize Schwalb from his extensive resume of game design that includes multiple editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Numenera, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Song of Ice and Fire roleplaying game.  He started his own company in 2014 and Shadow of the Demon Lord is the first of what will hopefully be many games from that company. Continue reading Shadow of the Demon Lord: RPG Backlog

2017 Will Be The Worst Year!

Yes, because of all that other stuff, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Hello, everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and I apologize for that. Hopefully, now that things have settled down in my non-gamer life the posting here will be more regular. Not better, mind you, but regular. Since it’s January, I wanted to take a look ahead at what I’m looking forward to in 2017. Continue reading 2017 Will Be The Worst Year!

Craft & Dragons: Dice Bag

Welcome to Craft & Dragons, a semi-regular segment here on The Worst blog, where we explore the adventure of making cool stuff!!

When coming up with this season’s D&D craft idea, I wanted to design a project that would challenge people to try something new (well, new to some people) – sewing! I wanted to make it simple enough so that it could serve as an introduction to sewing construction, but at the same time be perfectly practical for any gamer.

For me, there was only one answer – the ubiquitous dice bag! Continue reading Craft & Dragons: Dice Bag

How Movies Taught Me How to Avoid a TPK

One of the worst sins that any Game Master can commit is the Total Party Kill. Sure, I make jokes about TPKs all the time. But, in my actual games I would never wipe an entire party. A TPK ruins a game and can even ruin friendships. Luckily, I found an excellent resource for learning how to avoid that TPK; movies! Movies are full of tropes and plot contrivances that allow characters to escape certain death. All I needed to do was spend hundreds of hours of my life watching them. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Continue reading How Movies Taught Me How to Avoid a TPK

3 Reasons to Use Milestone Leveling

Look, I’m not going to lie to you all. When other GMs and players used to talk about how much better milestone leveling was I rolled my eyes. I’ll stick with good old experience points, thank you very much! However, in the middle of my last campaign I started to get tired of tracking XP for every encounter. So I gave milestone leveling a try. And guess what? It turns out that I was wrong all along! Here are three reasons to use milestone leveling. Continue reading 3 Reasons to Use Milestone Leveling

Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters

In May of this year, Gallant Knight Games successfully funded Tiny Frontiers, a minimalist science-fiction role-playing game, through Kickstarter. Their new campaign, Tiny Frontier: Mecha and Monsters, has already reached its funding goal. However, the Kickstarter still runs for eleven more days. So, there’s still plenty of time to jump on board.  Continue reading Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters

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