Working Through My RPG Book Backlog

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They say that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is one. Well, I recognize that there is a problem. It stares at me from my bookshelves, it calls out to me from folders on my computer, and it mocks me from my DriveThruRPG library. My problem is clear; I have too many unread RPG books.

It wasn’t always this way. Thirty years ago I couldn’t get my hands on enough RPG books. But, then the internet came along offering PDF versions of rule books and Kickstarters for new and interesting game systems. And, don’t even get me started on Bundle of Holding with its packages of tantalizingly priced RPG books! I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Unfortunately, as the amount of available RPG rules and supplements has gone up the amount of time that I have to sit down and read those books has gone down. We all know the drill. Not enough hours in the day, adulting is hard, etc.

You may be saying “You could just stop buying new RPG books until you read the ones you already have.” To this I say “Shut up! This isn’t an audience participation post!” (It totally is, though. Comments are always appreciated!) I’m not gonna stop buying RPG books anymore than you’re gonna stop offering unsolicited advice on blog posts. I have a better solution; I’m going to READ all of the those RPG books!

The Challenge

Between now and Gen Con of 2017 I am going to read through an unread RPG book every two weeks. Since I need to have pressure applied to myself in order to accomplish goals that I set I am going to make it into a challenge. First of all, I will write about each of the RPG books that I read here on the blog. Furthermore, I will pick games whose books I really enjoy and run games using that system. Also, I will write about those game sessions on the blog.

As an added bonus, if I go to Gen Con next year I will offer to run a game using one of the systems that I have read through. If I can’t go I will offer up the same game online as part of Gen Cant.

In conclusion, I have too many unread RPG books, but I’m going to change that starting now. Stay tuned here to follow along with my progress. The first game out of the gate will be Spirit of 77 from Monkeyfun Studios.


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