Tiny Dungeon 2e Giveaway

It seems like Alan Bahr over at Gallant Knight Games has always got about fifteen amazing games swimming around in his brain. The latest of those games, Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition will be launching on Kickstarter September 5th. To celebrate the release of TD2E Gallant Knight Games wants to give one lucky table topper an Ashcan copy of Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition and a set of limited edition D6’s. Between now and September 1st visit https://gleam.io/xqgDm/tiny-dungeon-2e-ashcan-edition-giveaway and enter to win.

#RPGaDay: Day 10

“Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?” I honestly could not think of a single game to answer this question. Leave them all dead. I just can’t think of any voids in my current library that a reborn game would fill. Furthermore, I can replicate a lot of discontinued games using existing systems. For example, it would be nice to play a Marvel superhero game. But, I could easily run that in FATE or Mutants and Masterminds. A new Marvel branded RPG would probably end up being expensive anyway because of the Disney licensing juggernaut.

#RPGaDay: Day 9

The question for Day 9 is “What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?” I was almost going to pick Dungeons & Dragons, but there’s so problems there. D&D is great, but if you’re going to run through a current published module it’s not going to take you 10 sessions. If you opt to run a campaign instead 10 sessions is barely scratching the surface.

Numenera is the game that fits better for the 10 session scenario. Character creation is quick, but open enough to allow for characters to grow. The mechanics are basic enough so that your group won’t spend three sessions running through a fifteen-minute combat scene. But, what makes Numenera perfect for a 10 session scenario is the world itself.

Because of the weird nature of the world of Numenera, it’s easier for a Game Master to string together as much strangeness as possible into a  10 session campaign without it seeming ham fisted. Why is there a cult of androids worshiping a mysterious glass cube on the road to the town we need to travel to? Numenera. Did we teleport from this temple into space where we found a ship that took us to an undersea kingdom? Numenera. You can build a campaign of about 10 sessions that’s all killer and no filler.

#RPGaDay: Day 8

Today’s question is “What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2 hrs or less?”

The Problem

Technically, a GM can plan for any RPG session to be played in 2 hours or less. Unfortunately, players don’t care how long you planned a session to be. They’re like “Why would my character be searching a haunted house?” or “Oooh, I want to look in that drawer!” or “What does this spell do again? I can’t find the page.” Just awful!

The Solution

You need a game that gets the players to the action quickly and doesn’t bog the action down with tomes of rules. A perfect game for that is Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters. Mecha and monster creation is quick and easy. The rules are minimalist and simple to understand making gameplay flow smoothly.  Best of all, the premise of the game allows you to strip away a lot of extraneous story and just get right down to punching kaiju.  You can spend the majority of that 2 hours having a great time.

For our full review of this game check out this post: Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters Review