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Spelljamming: Spelljammer 5E Conversion



While the original Spelljammer campaign setting opened up an entirely new environment for Dungeons & Dragons, it didn’t actually add a whole lot of new rules or mechanics to the game. The largest section of what it did add involved how you actually got a spelljammer ship to move through Wildspace. These ships didn’t have engines and there was no wind in space.  Spelljammer came up with a clever solution to this problem by introducing spelljamming. Much like the windjammers of our own world were propelled through the oceans by the wind spelljammers are powered through the void of space by spells.

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Spelljammer 5E Conversion Introduction


One of my constant worries over writing on this RPG blog is that I don’t usually have anything to say about running games that someone else isn’t already saying more eloquently or louder than I ever could. However, one thing that no one else (that I know of at least) is writing about is converting 2e Spelljammer rules and adventures over to 5e. I finally found my niche! To that end I have decided to document my conversion of a Spelljammer campaign over to fifth edition. Hopefully, riches and worldwide fame will follow.

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Desert Magic Items Part 2: Andahleeb’s Artifacts

secret-seal-of-solomon-ring-41043Long before they became commonplace in Western mythology, the legends of the Middle East featured powerful magic artifacts. Two items that I find interesting are the Seal of Solomon and the mace Sharur. The Seal of Solomon was a legendary ring rumored to hold the power to command demons. Sharur was used by the Sumerian god Ninurta used to defeat the demon Asag. Both artifacts have ties to demons which can be adapted into an appropriate backstory for the  desert campaign.

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Actual Play RPG Podcasts: 3 Reasons To Listen

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Actual play or live play RPG podcasts are everywhere these days. Originally I had no interest in subscribing to any of these podcasts. Why would I want to listen to other people play RPGs? The idea didn’t appeal to me at all. But, one day I bit the proverbial bullet and actually sat down and listened to one of them. I could not believe how much I enjoyed it! Now I am officially hooked on these podcasts and I’m here to tell you why you should be too. Continue reading Actual Play RPG Podcasts: 3 Reasons To Listen