The Custom Dragon Sheath by Dog Might Games


Right before I headed out to Gen Con I received my reward for backing the Dragon Sheath Kickstarter from Dog Might Games. I didn’t get a chance to give my thoughts on my Dragon Sheath then, so let’s do that now.

I think that anyone who follows me on Twitter probably already knows how I feel about this product.

The Dragon Sheath that I chose was from the  Custom Tier with hammers on one face and an ax on the opposite face sculpted from white ash with an Early American finish. It’s one thing to look at pictures of sculpts and finishes on a website though. I couldn’t wait to see what my Dragon Sheath looked like in person.

File_000 (4)
And you have my ax!

The Good

As soon as I opened the package I was hit with the wonderful smell of varnished wood. The Dragon Sheath itself was just as wonderful. It is a two-piece case, but each half of the case is sculpted from a single piece of wood. It’s impossible to tell from a picture, but the Dragon Sheath is a weighty and solid dice case. The two halves of the case are held together with four rare earth neodymium magnets. These magnets are so strong that some effort is required to open the Dragon Sheath. Your dice and accessories are not going to spill out of this case into your backpack.

File_000 (2)
They should have sent a poet!

Dogmight Games offers fourteen different options for the interior of the Dragon Sheath. These include slots for coins, slots for a pencil and a home for a miniature.  Whatever setup you need for your game storage the Dragon Sheath probably has that option. I chose the Full Storage with Foam interior. I currently have two full sets of dice living in there with room left over.

File_000 (3)

You can pick from almost sixty different fantasy, science fiction or horror exterior designs when you order. However, the images on the website fail to do them justice. These are not flimsy surface carvings. They have depth and detail that really add to the appeal of the Dragon Sheath. You’ll probably find yourself having to fend off the other players at your table when they try to run their grubby fingers all over the carvings. Don’t worry though; Dogmight Games puts two coats of varnish on every Dragon Sheath to protect them!

The Bad

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about the Dragon Sheath. I am pleased with every aspect of it and will probably buy at least one more.

The Verdict

The Dragon Sheath from Dogmight Games is another high quality product from a company with a reputation for quality. If you want a case for your gaming accessories that looks amazing, is functional and will last then the Dragon Sheath is what you’re looking for. It’s sexy, it smells nice and all of your friends will be jealous of you for having one.

The Custom Dragon Sheath reviewed here retails for $69.95, but Dogmight Games offers multiple levels of Dragon Sheath ranging from Classic at $44.95 to the Mythic at $139.95. Right now you can expect a lead time of 3-4 weeks when ordering because they are still fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards, but the website expects to start building back up inventory towards the middle of this month.


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