The Desert Ranger

unnamedMost of the desert outside of the settlements and trade routes remains uncharted and untraveled. It is punishing terrain that is usually bereft of water, but always filled with deadly beasts. This is where the Desert Ranger makes her home. She is the explorer who pushes out the edges on the maps of the desert. She is the hunter who seeks out venomous creatures for their use in medicine. She is the warrior who stands up to the unique dangers of the desert and beats them back into the sands.


The hardships involved with the desert terrain open up a new archetype for the Desert Ranger; the Survivor. Travelling the desert alone is a difficult path. Starvation, dehydration, exhaustion and poison are just as likely to kill an adventurer in the desert as any monster. Choosing the path of the Survivor conditions the Ranger’s body to survive these challenges and many others.

Minimum Sustenance

Starting at 3rd level, you  are able to survive without food for a number of days equal to 5+ your Constitution modifier. You only require one gallon of water per day regardless of conditions

Fast Healer

Starting at 7th level, your body is more efficient at healing itself while you rest. During a short rest you may regain one Hit Die of hit points without spending that Hit Die. You regain all spent Hit Die during a long rest.

Adaptive Immunity

At 11th level, you may pick from  one of these features.

Tireless. You gain  a condition immunity to the effects of exhaustion.

Hale and Hearty. You gain a condition immunity to the effects of disease.

Mithridatic. You gain a condition immunity to the effects of poison.

Hard to Kill

At 15th level, you gain one of the following features.

Saving Grace. If an attack would reduce your HP to 0 or lower you can roll a DC 15 Constitution check to avoid unconsciousness or death. A successful save leaves you with 1 HP.

Cling to Life. If you are reduced to 0 HP you are only required to succeed on two death saving throws before you become stable. You must fail on four death saving throws before you die.

Desert Ranger painted by Christopher Paul. Check out his other great work here.

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