Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition Kickstarter Preview

Gallant Knight Games is roughly a week away from launching their next Kickstarter: Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the new game before the Kickstarter goes live. So, let’s talk about the game!

What’s New in Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition?

The first thing you’ll notice in Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition is that the writing and formatting have been improved. Because the original Tiny Dungeon was not written by Alan Bahr, it wasn’t quite as clean of a game as the other Tiny D6 games. Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition is more in line with the style you expect from Gallant Knight Games.

In addition, Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition is also adding content to the original game. 2e includes new rules for generating random dungeons. Character creation options now allow for a broader range of adventurers. The trait list from the original game has been revised and expanded. There is even a new optional rule for Prestige traits that will let players create even more powerful characters. Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition adds three new heritages (races in the original game) for a grand total of eight to choose from.

The new game will also introduce new advanced magic rules. You can’t have a dungeon game, even a tiny one, without magic. Since this is a Gallant Knight Games product, Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition will also include micro-settings to provide GM’s inspiration for adventures. Finally, Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition will contain all new interior art from Anthony Cournoyer, the original Tiny Dungeon artist. The book will also feature a gorgeous new cover by artist Michael Leavenworth.

What Can You Tell Me About the Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter for Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition goes live on September 5th. The funding goal is $5,000 and you can bet there will be stretch goals beyond that. There are six planned reward tiers for supporting this project ranging from $13 for a digital copy to $110 for a hardcover copy, dice bag, and dice. At that level Alan will also hand craft five polymer clay miniatures for you.  A $25 pledge will get you a softcover copy of the book, a PDF copy of the book, a GM screen, three custom D6’s and any digital stretch goals that are unlocked during the campaign.

Make sure to check out the Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition Kickstarter on September 5th. Your support will ensure that another great RPG gets to table tops everywhere.

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