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Thank You

One year ago today I reactivated my second Twitter account and with a single dumb tweet @TheWorstDM began. I didn’t expect much to come out of it other than me making some dumb RPG jokes. I have never been more wrong. Continue reading Thank You

The Best Bigby #RejectedSpells

The Rejected Spells hashtag from Wednesday was super fun and received an unbelievable amount of participation. Thanks to attention from sites like Laughing Squid and Neatorama the hashtag spread like wildfire (and is still going). There were so many great tweets that it was really difficult to pick the best. So many that we’re going to break them down into categories. Presenting the best Bigby Rejected Spells!

Continue reading The Best Bigby #RejectedSpells

Hashtag Challenge: #RPGWishList

The holiday season is upon us and no matter your preference of holidays it is a great time to give or receive gifts. Children and adults alike are busy filling out wish lists for the gifts they want. Tabletop gamers should be no exception. With that in mind imagine what the perfect RPG gift would be for you. It could be a new system, an adventure or even some dice that deliver a mild electric shock to the player when they roll a one. Post your ideas on Twitter using #RPGWishList and I will share the best ones this weekend.